Biofusions No Snag and Anti Static Wooden Hair Comb

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Style, Groom & Straighten Hair The Classic Way With Biofusions Wood Hair Comb!

The comb you choose plays an essential role in how your hair looks and feels for the rest of the day. This is why we designed our anti-static wood comb with long and smooth teeth which coupled with the sturdy build make it perfect for daily styling.
Whether you’re looking for a beard shaper or a comb for long hair, our wooden combs have you covered. Our haircare comb is made with both women and men in mind to provide just the right fit for short and long hair to make detangling and styling simpler.

Smooth, Versatile, & Durable – Made For Everyday Use

When it comes to quality, we make no exceptions. Biofusions detangling comb is made using only sturdy wood that’s polished with care to make sure it’s smooth and durable with long and thin yet durable teeth to groom hair of all shapes and sizes.
Unlike flimsy plastic combs, you don’t have to worry about Biofusions solid wood comb bending or shattering no matter how tough your hair is. Thanks to the durable build, it provides just the right fit for most hair types to help tame even the unruliest hair.

Features You’ll Love:

- Suitable for use on both dry and wet hair daily
- Makes the perfect gift for women and men on every occasion
- Made without using any BPA, Silicone or Plastic
- The comb is anti-static so your hair stays in place
- Compact enough to easily be carried in your purse or bag
With Biofusions anti-static wooden comb, it is the time to get natural! The hand-crafted wooden comb from Biofusions provides you a good way of giving tender care to your hair that lasts all day long. The extremely portable size of the comb means you can carry it anywhere in your bag, enabling you to get rid of tangled hair anywhere, anytime. The long-lasting polish on the wooden frame coupled with a highly ergonomic design ensures easy use. Simple plastic combs impart a lot of static electricity to the hair, which might be dangerous. This static also cause the hair to become tangled, which when combed weaken and ultimately fall off the scalp. The highly durable wooden teeth of Biofusions anti-static wooden comb help you avoid any static, thereby enabling easy combing without any tangling of the hair. The wooden teeth also gently massage the scalp beneath the hair, therefore helping you relax and encourages hair growth through increasing the circulation of blood. It is undoubtedly one of the best wooden hair combs available online in UK.

Make Hair Styling & Grooming Simpler & Easier With Biofusions Wooden Hair Comb!